Hi, just wanted to check if you are doing boat trips tomorrow to ship wreck beach and blue caves ? We are 2 adults and one 4 year old child . Can someone please call me at +44-7429541628 ?

by Sumit Tyagi
Sono dei professionisti conoscono il mare è un trip vero in mezzo alla natura ,si assapora dale brezze del mare la splendida isola di Zante il capitano ha una esperienza dei luoghi incredibile e in un certo qual senso lui è in contatto con gli elementi che ti circondano durante il viaggio ,è emozionante davvero abbiamo passato una giornata stupenda insieme a loro da provare voto 10.

by Luca picilli
αν ειμαστε ενα πουλμαν 52 ατομα πως θα παμε και τι κοστος θα εχει σπηλιες και ναυαγιο. ποση ωρα διαρκει και τι ωρα π[τρεπει ναμστε στον Αγ.Νικολαο περιμενω την απαντηση σας ευχαριστω

by σαραντινος
Καλησπέρα, θα ήθελα να ρωτήσω πόσο κοστίζει το εισιτήριο και αν υπάρχει φοιτητική έκπτωση!

by Αθανασία
Καλησπερα θα ηθελα να ρωτησω αν 15 αυγουστου γινονται δρομολογια

by Ελπίδα
WE would like to book a boat trip to shipwreck Island and the Blue Caves on Aug 14th, Do we need to make a reservation?

by Karen
Quanto costa l'escursione? È possibile prenotarla in anticipo?

by Martina
Θα ήθελα να ρωτήσω τι τιμή έχει η κρουαζιέρα και εάν υπάρχει φοιτητική έκπτωση .

by Κωνσταντινα
Quanto costa l'escursione?

by tiziana
We would like to visit ship wr ck beach from kefalonia in early may. Please suggest options possibly with prices!!

by Aditi
We would like to plan a tour to the Blue Caves. What is the best time of day to see the sunlight reflections in the water of the Blue Caves? Regards Evelyn

by Evelyn Vicatos
Θα σας επισκεφτούμε σύντομα με την παρέα μας

by Γιάννης Χ.
Hello is possibile to put little dog in the boat during the excursion ?

by Walter
Ποσο στοιχίζει ;

by Γιώτα
Hello I'd like to know at what hour starts the first trip to Navagio. Thank you

by Fabio mariotti
Hallo, wir sind vom 28.8. - 4.9.2016 auf Zakynthos, würden gerne diese Bucht Navagio und die blauen Grotten besichtigen. Was kostet dieser Ausflug pro Person ? Und wie lange hat man Zeit sich auf der Bucht Navagio aufzuhalten ?

by Frau Goltzsche
how much is the fee and how long? thanks

by indri
How much is the tour?

by Val
Hello, I want to reserve a place for one person for 17.09.2015 on navagio beach. Best regards Rosario.

by Rosario
Hi there, This is Jenna. I will be in Zakynthos from the 12th to the 14th of August. I want to see the blue caves and Navagio Beach the most. What is your availability for one person on the 13th of August to go on the boat ride to these places? Also, how long will we be on Navagio beach to swim and relax? And what time does the boat leave and what time does it arrive back? Thank you so much for answering these questions for me. I look forward to hearing a response. Have a great day! Jenna McLeskey +1 512 484 3053

by Jenna McLeskey
ok, ci andremo senz'altro

by carlo e stefy
How much is the ticket with 15% discount? Laura

by Laura provinciali
is this tour available on october

by toni
Hi I am just wondering how long in advance you have to book the tour and the approximate time that we have on the beach and boat for the day?

by Daniel
Hi! I'd like to ask when do the tours start in the morning? (we'd like to go from Kefalonia to Agios Nikolaos in August by ferry and it causes little difficulties for us :) ) Is it possible to pay and start there as well? (cause maybe we can't go back again by ferry on another day) Thank you for your help!

by Viktoria
15 Euro / person

by Frank
Hi! we are planing our trip to Agios on July,7 till 15. Hope to visit Navagio - can you tell how costs the trip? and how often the boat goes to Navagio? Thanks!!!

by Era
cara katerina non siamo riusciti a ritornare nella vostra meravigliosa isola per motivi di lavoro,sicuramente prima o poi ci torneremo perche'non si puo'fare a meno nella vita di giorni bellissimi come quelli che abbiamo passato a zante. ciao a te,alla tua famiglia,a tutte le persone che abbiamo conosciuto li.

by Simona, Fita, Marco
Hallo, ich werde vom 07.10 - 14-10.2011 in Koukla Mare urlaub machen und möchte einen Ausflug nach NAVAGIO zum Wrack machen und möchte wissen was der Ausflug kostet €? Vielen Dank Yasmina

by Yasmina
I went last year and I suppose about 18 euro if I remeber well. Very beautiful!!

by Miki
Hi, I will be visiting in October. I was wondering the price of the tour. Thank you, Jessica

by Jessica